Patient / Family Testimonials


SARASOTA, FLORIDA (941) 955-7060

Dr. Cooper:
You have saved my life on several occasions with the implantable defibrillator, you have kept my bad ticker going for 10 years, then helped get me on the Tampa General Hospital's heart transplant list... I also want to express my gratitude to the family who gave me their son's or daughter's heart.

Dr. Dan Cooper has been our cardiologist for almost ten years. During that time, he has seen my wife through a heart attack, and install a pacemaker for my heart. Our lives have been in his hands. We have found him to be .both competent and caring. Last August, Dr. Cooper decided to become a concierge Doctor. We decided that we wanted to be included, in light of our past positive experiences with him. Since then, Dr .Cooper, has been providing my wife with medical assistance and support, after a recent serious fall. Also, he has taken me successfully through a persistent respiratory problem in the last month. We are very pleased to have Dr. Cooper as our concierge. It was the right decision for us.

Dear Dr. Cooper:
Thank you so much for the great care you gave to my beloved husband and myself. I will never forget the endless hours of care you gave my dear G. in his last days...

To Dr. Cooper and staff:
Happy Holidays to you and yours, as you are all together like my family…. I appreciate all you have done for me in the past 15 years. Many thanks for your expert care and attention. May God continue to bless you.

Dear Dr. Cooper and staff:
Thank you so much for expediting my treatment, thus making my trip to Asia a possibility. Your kind and generous care was greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

Dear Dr. Cooper:
I thank the Good Lord and you for what feels like a renewal lease on my life! I am very grateful for your concern and dedication and expertise; perhaps above all…your heart. Thank you sir and God bless you and yours.
Father D.

Dear Dr. Cooper:
I want to thank you for your wonderful care of my husband, last weekend. We know that you made every effort to assure him the best possible cardiac care, as we know you would. Every detail was arranged, and you visited him at difficult times to make sure treatment went smoothly. Some people think priests are just about next to God, but myself, I vote for doctors!
Sincerely, Molly

Dr. Cooper and Staff:
We wish to thank you for your concern and excellent care while we were in Sarasota in January. Jim is doing very well!
Sincerely, Marilyn

Dr. Cooper and staff:
Thank you so much for your sincere professionalism, interest and care during my various procedures in your office. Many thanks for making all this a pleasure.
Dr. Stan

Dear Dr. Cooper,
It has been very enjoyable working with you. You are very caring and knowledgeable. I feel more comfortable reading EKG's, and have learned to better diagnose murmurs. Thank you for being very patient with me. I enjoyed the 21st century house calls very much, and hope to do house calls as an internist in the future. I also gained a greater appreciation of the challenges that we physicians face. May you have continued success in all that you do.
Dr. Mansoor, Sr. Medical Student, FL State University

Dr. Cooper,
I want to thank you for having certainly saved my life. Merci beaucoup.