Concierge Personal Medicine


SARASOTA, FLORIDA (941) 955-7060

Dr. Cooper is the first Cardiologist in the Sarasota and Venice area to establish a Concierge Personal Medicine practice that provides his patients with an All-in-One Continuum of Care that includes Internal Medicine, Cardiology and the exclusive "21st Century Housecall". As such, Dr. Cooper devotes extraordinary time and resources to his patients.

In order to secure this level of service, Dr. Cooper’s patients pay an annual fee as members of his concierge medical practice. This ensures that Dr. Cooper is able to devote all the time that is necessary to your medical concerns both in his office and to follow you in the hospital.

Your Personal Private Concierge Physician: Available When You Need Him

As a member of Dr. Cooper’s practice, you are guaranteed access to his concierge medical services 24 hours a day. For exceptional personalized health care, discover the advantages of concierge medicine with one of the best doctors in Sarasota, Dr. Daniel Cooper. Visit our Contact Us page for questions on how to get started.

Services include:

  1. 1. 24/7 access to Dr. Cooper with direct access to his mobile phone
  2. 2. Same day/next day urgent/routine visits as necessary
  3. 3. Convenient parking with ease of access to the office entrance
  4. 4. Office visits and phone calls, e-mail communication.
  5. 5. In-office electrocardiogram, echo-doppler, stress-echo, rest and stress oxygen saturation analysis, pacemaker and defibrillator checks
  6. 6. Diet and Exercise prescription. Office lectures
  7. 7. House calls when necessary. State of the Art Diagnostic hand-held equipment
  8. 8. Hospital admission and follow-up at Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  9. 9. Coordination of care with local specialists
  10. 10. Coordination of care with out of town doctors and abroad using telemedicine technology. Dr. Cooper speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French
  11. 11. Communication with family members here and out-of town
  12. 12. Compassionate care of terminal illnesses and coordination with Hospice Care
  13. 13. Nursing Home care

SILVER Concierge Care

Intended for younger patients with chronic but stable conditions

  • Annual General Medical and Cardiac Physical Exam
  • Annual cardiac noninvasive exams as required
  • Quarterly office visits
  • Seldom requires hospital care
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GOLD Concierge Care

Intended for patients senior or not, with conditions that may require frequent visits, management of anticoagulation, titration of medications, device monitoring, and hospitalizations, or for those patients with lifestyles that demand urgent, non-emergent care and availability. These patients may require an infrequent House call or brief Nursing Home care.

  • Annual General Medical and Cardiac Physical Exam
  • Office visits as frequently as needed with noninvasive cardiac exams
  • Hospital Care as needed
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PLATINUM Concierge Care

Intended for the elderly or patients with special circumstances that require frequent House Calls or Nursing Home care